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This Christmas spend some time with Mel Bel

In the style of a young Bonnie Raitt circa 1970s mixed with the more contemporary upbeat Norah Jones numbers, Melissa Bel comes out with the holiday single “This Christmas Spend Your Time On Me,” a song focused on family and spending time together with the ones you tadagra softgel this link love. “We recorded this song in one 8-hour session, and it was great because the band recorded pretty much everything live off the floor, which gives the song just the kind of energy we were going for. I think all zyloprim online of us are anxious to play it live!” – Melissa Bel.

With her recent days touring all over Canada, one can imagine the cipro xr que es words in the song are an yearning to maintain strong family ties and always keep her schedule clear enough to make it home for the holidays.

“I’ve always loved Christmas, and I’ve been wanting to write a Christmas song for awhile. My dad, on the other hand, is not such a big fan of the Holiday Season with it’s commercialism and all the stress that tends to accompany it. So last dosage for cipro Christmas Eve, after talking to him on the phone while he was at the mall wondering what gifts to buy I decided to write this song to say stop worrying about finding the perfect present and just enjoy spending Christmas time with the people you love. It’s easy to forget, but that’s really what it’s about!”

“Just got our first NEW Christmas Song of the season and it’s gonna knock your socks off. Melissa vasotec Bel has a viagra gold brand dosage hit on her hands and you’re gonna be able to hear it right here on FIRST (and often!)(sic). This little lady has some pipes and the message of the song is cipro 500 mg priceless!!!!” – Hoss Meister, MileHi Radio DJ and host of Just Playing Around.

Tim Whitnell of The Burlington Post had a chance to sit down with Melissa Bel for an interview. She shared her maturing view of the music industry and evolution of an artist. “Right out of high school I was thinking I was going to be famous by 19. Now I realize it’s one small step after one small step; vytorin keep playing, keep building your fan base, keep writing, keep getting heard,” said Bel. You can read the rest of the interview here.


  1. Go Melissa & Frostbyte!

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